Featured musicians for the Winter Solstice 2015 are Kismet

KISMET REVIEW by Glennie Kindred November 2015

‘Feast’ is a beautiful album by a very talented band called Kismet. It takes you on a timeless journey through the seasons of the year, filling you up with evocative imagery that takes you to the very heart of our relationship with the land.
It includes many songs with a folklore feel, but others that are more modern in their arrangements and content. The song writing is excellent. You won’t be disappointed by any of it!
It is indeed a rich ‘feast’, a multi-layered, rich tapestry of delight, with a wide range of styles from the foot tapping to the more mysterious, with beautiful arrangements that are held together by a group of very accomplished musicians. The harmonies are gorgeous too and will have you singing along in no time! Sometimes wistful, other times celebratory…. I love the sound of the accordion too, which adds to the depth and power of this album.



Learn more about what Kismet are up to via their website and watch this beautiful and haunting rendition of their song Seed