Jehanne Mehta and Earthwards

Featured musician for Imbolc 2016 is Jehanne Mehta. Jehanne writes songs for the Earth, the Soul and the Spirit, songs of love and transformation, songs of hope, songs for now and for the future. She heralds a new troubadour tradition, with a Celtic flavour as well as influences from other European traditions and languages, especially French.

jehanne-mehta-and-earthwardsEarthwards is Jehanne Mehta, Rob Mehta and Will Mercer. They’ve been performing Jehanne’s songs for many years and through concerts and recordings have gathered a network of fans that extends across Europe and beyond. Their newest recording is entitled ‘This Place’ and can be purchased direct from Jehanne’s website at

The track listing is as follows: Edward, This Place, Manon la TempĂȘte, The Fields of Runnymede, The Metal Worker’s Apprentice, Vertical Wall, The Corn King, Chemin de la GuĂ©rison, Island of “i”, I Did Not Leave, The Rollright Stones.