Dave Sturt – Bass Player, Composer, Nice Bloke

Featured musician for Samhain 2015 is Dave Sturt. Dave has had an accomplished musical career working with a multitude of bands and singer/songwriters. He currently plays bass with Gong, Bill Nelson, Jade Warrior and Cipher and his Past Lives Project is creating new films and soundtracks from home movie cinefilms around the Midlands. His first solo album Dreams and Absurdities is released on 30th October 2015 by Esoteric Antenna.


Drawing on his experience of composing music for film, Dreams and Absurdities is an instrumental delight – ambient, eclectic, emotional and psychedelic.
The album features guest performances from Steve Hillage, Bill Nelson, Daevid Allen, Jon Field, Kavus Torabi, Fabio Golfetti and Theo Travis and is a shining example of understated musicianship and captivating moods. The music on Dreams and Absurdities is timeless, hypnotic, a wonderful massage to the senses.

Samples of the album can be heard here and it can be purchased from the Cherry Red website here. The wonderful promo video for the album can also be viewed below.

Learn more about Dave’s many projects from his website at www.davesturt.co.uk, follow him on Facebook or Twitter or find out about what his band Gong are up to.da