Maren Freeland on the revolutionary act of self-care!

For years I’ve been inspired by the Earth Pathways Diary. I don’t have much space in my tiny home, nevertheless, one of my drawers is crammed full of past year’s diaries that I keep reusing for collage and card making.

I count myself lucky and blessed living a low-impact life at Landmatters Permaculture Community, set in 42 acres of beautiful South Devon countryside. It was a huge leap of faith when we moved onto this piece of land 12 years ago. We didn’t know if we’d ever get planning permission, but we were a determinate passionate bunch of people, up for giving it a go. We worked hard, had massive amounts of support and eventually succeeded. First our planning application was turned down. On appeal we were granted temporary permission. 9 years later the temporary condition was removed and we have now been accepted by the local council and the neighbours. I learned that it is possible to change hearts and minds and manifest a dream against all odds.
Initially, one of my main motivations was to reduce my ecological footprint. Over time my re-connection with the natural world became the most important learning. As I eat veg grown in this soil, generate electricity from the sun and the wind, harvest firewood from the trees and collect water from the rain and an underground well, I appreciate, in an experiential way, that I am part of nature and that I cannot survive without her.
The earth and her cycles have changed me. I used to pride myself in being a “do-er”. Not being “productive” in some way, felt like I wasn’t “achieving” enough. When I was pregnant with my first child I made a point of not slowing down if I could help it. I also pretty much disregarded the phases of my cycle. I would never take time out “just because I was bleeding”. Once I had 2 small children, I discovered that my “achievements” came down to the unseen and unacknowledged work of mothering. With the help of women’s circles and sisterhood, I came to realise that my own disregard of “being” vs “doing” was internalised patriarchy.
I’ve totally changed my outlook. Now I consider it a revolutionary act to prioritise taking time out to tune in with myself and nature!

I set up Untamed Social Enterprise to share what I learned with others. I offer nature connection experiences for women, children and families.

Untamed runs Earth Connection sessions for women. An opportunity to cosy up round the fire and be with what is. These are leading up to a women’s group mentorship programme: “I never thought I’d be a part of something so powerful and special. It was the most fulfilling, connecting, intense and moving experience I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt so fulfilled and grateful in my life!” says Shareen, one of last year’s participants, she goes on to say: “The course has given me a base, a foundation, skills that I can use whenever I need to. It has empowered me to be myself.” See the Untamed website for more details about the courses and opportunities offered.

The Earth Pathways Diaries have empowered me to be myself over the years, as everyday I look into my calendar I’m reminded of all the other earth-loving warriors out there!
For more info on Untamed, check the website:

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