Geoff King (a.k.a. Woodland Treasures) on making hand carved wooden jewellery

I have been designing and making hand carved wooden jewellery since November 2003, using salvaged, reclaimed or recycled off cuts of British hardwoods, sometimes with added found or fair-trade stones. I feel a great reverence for and deep connection to nature. Having a lifelong love of and a deep respect for trees, I value wood highly as a product of nature. Thus I like to increase the worth of pieces discarded by others as too small to use by creating unique, wearable, high quality, contemporary artefacts that I like to refer to as “adornment in wood”.

I am passionate about what I do so everything is carved with love and care. My work is an inseparable part of my home-based lifestyle of sustainability and craft. I strive to minimise the environmental impact, not just from the materials I use, but also in every aspect of my business.
The work continually evolves, so the collection includes over one hundred designs of earrings, brooches, kilt pins, necklaces, combs, bracelets and pendants, some in 4000 year old bog oak. All work is fret sawn to shape and then individually carved by hand using super-sharp knives and needle files. Finally, each piece is brought to a fine finish and treated with natural, solvent-free plant oils to protect the surface and enhance the grain and colour.

Inspiration comes mostly from the natural world and its many forms. I am lucky enough to live and work on the woodland oasis my wife and I have created here in the Highlands of Scotland. I find myself both moved and inspired by the landscape, my love of nature, trees and wood, the richness of the colours, textures and patterns in the grain. I am also influenced by art nouveau, mythology, ancient symbols and Celtic/Pictish designs.

Everything I make is available from my on-line shop. I am also happy to undertake commissions for special one-off pieces, designed and crafted according to your personal wishes.


Gold Ethical Trader Award, Green Gathering 2016

Geoff’s first novel “Echoes of the Ancestors” available direct or from most on-line retailers – ebook or paperback, signed copies available on request.

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