Herewood Gabriel (2012 diary)
I have been drawing since I was 5 and painting properly since I was 23 when I learnt a technique I still use today called ‘Soulscapes’, revealing images from the unconscious.

Lula Garner (2018/2017/2016/2015/2014/2013 diaries)
I work as an educational trainer. I dance as a seeker. I practice yoga and meditation as a peacemaker. I write as a dreamer. I hold my family as a mother, daughter, partner, sister, friend, knitter and crocheter!

Amanda Gazidis (2013/2010/2009 diaries)
I am a daydreamer, an artist, a resident of the earth. I am passionate about sustainability and our Earth Mother. I write, take pictures, illustrate and teach Forest School. I am an adventurer and explorer of art and life.

Sandy Gee and Pat Bowen (2010 diary)
Sandy and Pat are long time friends who live in Brighton. They share a love of communing with the elements, swimming in the sea and river and celebrating seasonal rituals (with a lovely women’s group) in all weathers. Sandy is a focusing-orientated psychotherapist and life-coach working with a deep regard for our unique inner natures. Pat is a grandmother, allotmenteer, storyteller and leader of guided walks. She has written poems, stories and “20 Sussex Walks” (Snake River Press)

Nicola Gibbs (2019 diary)
Nicola is a spiritual artist and teacher who creates art by working with spiritual energies and channeling them to the earth. The energy serves to heal the planet and to help others find clarity on their path.

Karina Goodman (2018 diary)
Artist, illustrator and children’s author. I work in oils and watercolours inspired by the Peak District and Cornwall and have a strong passion for the sea. I work to commission for paintings, house portraits, album covers and book illustrations.

Emma Goodwin (2012 diary)
Decorative artist, maker, grower, Emma holds workshops for adults with special needs, teaches Robin Hood style felting, cannot keep her hands off the earth, finds herself smiling while weeding, is beginning to commune with trees, and loves to dance.

Suzi Goose (2018/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009 diaries)
Suzi is an artist, poet, ritual tattooist, beekeeper and drummer. I live near London/Essex. My feral heart belongs to the Land and the antlered Goddess Elen. I am inspired by the wild. Cards, prints & more available.

Corrina Gordon-Barnes (2012/2011/2010 diaries)
Supports women in finding and following their passion so that they can make a true difference in the world. She is a coach, writer, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Andrea Graham (2012/2011 diaries)
Photographer, Digital Artist, Healer, Facilitator. With photographs I am merely capturing the energy that has called me and made me smile; and smiles are for sharing.

Mark Graham (2014 diary)
Mark is a Druid, astrologer and ecologist. He manages nature reserves, woodlands and wildlife sites and is a director of the Nature Reserve Burial company. The company runs Sunrising Natural Burial Ground in Warwickshire.

Ruth Gray (2018/2017 diaries) (2017 calendar)
I am a mixed media artist. The subjects that really excite me have a sense of mystery, figures in the landscape, rolling skies and hidden corners. I love the moods of nature and the weather and seasons.

Lindsey Green (2011 diary)
Living life creatively gives me a sense of being. The Arts and Tai Chi are my creative mediums, inquisitiveness and curiosity my friend. With nature in mind I am growing, recycling, amassing alternative energies – taking responsibility for my place on earth.

Lisa Green (2018/2017 diaries)
Mama and Textile Artist, capturing the essence of our natural world and sharing that love, through stitch, paint and words.

An Greenheart (2011 diary)
I am co-creator of ‘Wild Medicine Flower Essences’. I share this beautiful work on retreats run with Glennie Kindred and Sophie Knock. I am also the proprietor of ‘Wild Rose Bakery’ for heavenly cakes.

Cora Greenhill (2009 diary)
A writer, artist and teacher of expressive dance based in Derbyshire. She also works with labyrinths and has a long term relationship with Crete where she now has a second home, writes and runs courses.

Faye Greening (2017/2015 diary)
I am passionate about connecting with nature and spirit beings that reside in the unseen realms that manifest this beautiful world we live in. I tune into guidance receiving messages from devas, which I gladly share through words and images. www.connectingtonaturespirits.com

Paul Greenwood (2016 diary)
Paul has passionately researched the science and spirituality of Yews since 1991. He is a co-founder member of the Ancient Yew Group (www.ancient-yew.org) and can be contacted via www.facebook.com/yewtreesbritain

Rosemary Greenwood (2011 diary)
Rosemary is a person centred therapist, Reiki healer and earth activist who feels called to honour the wise ancestors who conceived the stone circles and other megalithic monuments Britin is so richly endowed with, who must have seen this earth as a living entity.

Amanda Griffiths (2018 diary)
Born in the beautiful Forest of Dean, I am at my happiest in wild woods and wild water. I’m a passionate vegan and deeply committed to extending our circle of compassion to the whole Web of Life

Caroline GullyLir (2010 diary)
Priestess of Avalon, Resident Artist at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury and Temple Dancer. She is blessed to live in the Avebury Landscape and surrounding crop circles (available as tour guide of circles ancient and seasonal!)

Joanna Guthrie (2017/2009 diary)
Joanna’s first collection ‘Billack’s Bones’ was published by RIALTO in 2007: available from www.inpressbooks.co.uk She’s currently completing ‘Hurricane Season’, a New Writing Partnership travelogue/biography/meditation about the Florida Keys.

Julia Guthrie (2013 diary)
My work is inspired not only by my metaphysical beliefs, but also by my love of the Cornish myths, legends, and the magical landscapes that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.

Susan Elizabeth Hale (2018/2015 diaries)
is a Sacred Song Activist, Creator of Earth Day-Sing for the Trees and author of Sacred Space Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places. She lives in Malvern, England.

Debra Hall (2018 diary)
I am a soulmaker, dancer, natural healer, rites of passage and mindfulness teacher. Intimacy with nature and divine consciousness are the heart of my life and work. I like to be contacted about my books at debra.ha@hotmail.co.uk

Sarah Halstead (2018/2016/2015/2013 diaries)
Sarah is inspired by the natural world, which is healing and life affirming to her, whether it is in her garden or the surrounding countryside. Sharing these magical moments through painting, photography and printmaking is her spiritual path.

Beryl Hanley (2014 diary)
Druid, organic gardener, naturopath and wildlife photographer for many years. Part of the network of the Living Spirit that invests in all life. Living by the Druid Triads and the Ravens Rede

Louise Hardman (2012 diary)
Dwelling in misty loughed Fermanagh, the seasons wear their colours proudly, delighting the eye, ear and hand. Ivory coloured whoopers wend their talkative way to damp, reedy lough shores; badgers display their smart rural pinstripes. A hand weaver’s paradise.

Jane Harland (2017 diary)
Jane is a piano teacher who lives in Congleton, Cheshire. She also writes poetry, often inspired by nature and also by the Druid path she follows. Other interests include playing the Celtic harp, country walks and veggie cooking.

Maddy Harland (2018/2011/20101/2009 diaries) (2016/2017 calendars)
Maddy is the editor of Permaculture Magazine – Solutions for Sustainable Living, and a co-founder of Permanent Publications, a publishing company specialising in developing our understanding of permaculture.

Tim Harland (2009 diary)
Tim is the publishing director of Permanent Publications and is founding editor of Permaculture Magazine. He lives, loves and gardens on the South Downs in Hampshire.

Louise Harrington (2018/2017 diaries)
Louise lives in Ireland where she fills her time with family life, human rights work and sustains her soul with time in nature and quilt making. She is interested in marking life’s events in personal and uniquely crafted gatherings.

Judith Harrison (2011/2010 diaries)
I am a printmaker inspired by the landscape, its mythology and inhabitants, human and animal, real and imadginary.

Celia Harvey (2014/2013/2012/2011 diary)
My art is inspired by nature and my connection with her. She is always a mystery, always leading me forward. Sometimes I lose my sense of connection and it is through my art that I find my way.

Claire Hattersley (2015 diary)
A short biodynamic gardener currently growing and harvesting medicinal plants at Weleda (UK) Ltd.

Fiona Heckels (2013 diary)
Fiona is a green witch, herbalist, wanderer of the fields and hedgerows, living and working in Dorset. She runs workshops and apprenticeships with her fellow herbalist and witch sister, Karen, as Sensory Solutions, touring festivals as Witch Theatre, spreading the herbal word.

Sean Hellman (2010 diary)
Woodworker, photographer and green woodwork teacher living on Dartmoor

Erica Hemming (2010 diary)
My artwork is illustrative, colourful and influenced by dreams, folktales, nature, a word, phrase or a stunning moment in time. My illustrations do not take themselves too seriously, but instead have a slightly surreal, fantastical or humorous quality.

Susan Hickey (2018/2013 diaries) (2018/2017 calendars)
Artist. Through my paintings I find myself capturing that ‘Something Else’ from Nature and the Universe – Trees, Angels, Goddesses, Moon, Stars and Planets.

Meggie Hiley (2013/2012 diaries)
Meggie works as a translator, lecturer and writer. She has published poems in Goddess Pages, Earth Love Poetry Magazine and Phoenix. Her poetry tried to capture the emotional and spiritual connection with times and places.

Linda Hill (2017 diary)
I explore the role of the feminine by journeying through the sacred myths, symbols, art and religions of the Divine Feminine. My print work draws parallels and reflections, which exist within modern everyday female lifestyles.

Carolyn Hillyer (2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009 diaries) (2016 calendar)
Carolyn is a musician, artist and writer living amid the wild hills of Dartmoor, deep source of her creative inspiration. She travels throughout the world sharing concerts and workshops. For details about her most recent programme of women’s workshops, The Shaman Weavers, or her other work: www.seventhwavemusic.co.uk

Abi Hirschmann (2009 diary)
I am an embroiderer, artist, and maker; moved and inspired by our connection to the Earth.

Judith Hoad (2016/2012/2011 diary)
In my garden, below the Studio, (which has a fully equipped kitchen and sleeps 6-8 people), is a beautiful, circular timber and cob building that seats 12 people. Both are available to hire. Whoofers welcome.

Kristina Höijer (2014 diary)
Landscape architect and witch. Dances with Mother Earth and all her different faces. Gets inspiration from riding in the wild beech forest. Enchanted by labyrinths. Creates magic and world peace with her knitting needles. Holds Moon circles and workshops.

Holly (See Sharon Zak) (2009 diary)

Deborah Holman (2013 diary)
Ever since she could pick up a pencil Deborah has had a passion for drawing and painting. Deborah is a self-taught artist heavily influenced by the natural world. Celtic Myths and Legends, particularly those surrounding trees, are a valued inspiration.

Phil Holmes (2009 diary)
Driud teacher, woodturner, astrologer, tarot reader & teacher.

Jules Horn (2018/2017/2016/2015 diaries)
You’ll find Jules in her caravan oftentimes, a novice Crone, creating all manner of stuff – daubing and patching, harping and trilling, moulding and chiselling, sparking and dreaming. The coffee is on, door’s open….

Jenny Howarth (2013 diary)
My therapy work as a Homeopath was the start of a healing journey, which led me to love the ancient sites of Ilkley Moor where I live. My special range of essences draws deeply on these flower and vibrational energies

Tess Howell (2016/2015/2010/2009 diaries)
Tess is an artist, art therapist, accomplished dance producer, dancer, 5 Rhythms teacher in training, costumier and ceremonialist. She is passionate about creativity for transformation and inspiration and as a way to connect with self and source.

Nathaniel Hughes (2016 diary)
A herbalist who runs the School of Intuitive Herbalism from a beautiful Apothecary at Ruskin Mill near Stroud. His passion is in opening people’s awareness to plant wisdom and witnessing the catalytic healing that unfolds from these human-plant relationships.

Jo Hume (2014 diary)
Inspiration comes from elemental moments in wild spaces and quiet moments in my garden. These visual triggers find a life of their own through the action of working paint on canvas and become a trace memory of time, place and feeling.

Joseph Hunwick (2011 diary)
Joseph specialises in Photography and Natural Perfumery. He is also a qualified Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist. Photography www.josephhunwick.com Perfumery www.sapphirebeauty.com