Earth Pathways Showcase website and blog

Thank you for dropping in to the Earth Pathways Showcase website! This website has been created purely to ‘showcase’ the remarkable, beautiful and inspiring lives and work of the generous writers and artists who offer their creative pieces for use in the Earth Pathways products each year. In return for this generous gesture, we offer this virtual gallery space to contributors, for them to include further artwork or writing, promote exhibitions or new collections, and of course, link to their online shops, or include details about how to purchase their work from them.

We are also keen to receive input from our contributors and so have this Showcase Blog, where anyone who has contributed to any Earth Pathways product over the years, may write a little something, or even make a video, song or other type of media to keep us all up to date with how they are doing and how their work is developing.

If you would like to have your work featured on the Showcase, but haven’t yet been contacted by us to ask for your input, then give us a (virtual) loud, hearty holler!!

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