Chris Ellis (2016/2013/2012 diaries)
Chris is a musician and actor. His CDs First Reflection & Piano Improvisations collect together his instrumental pieces. Chris also contributed to the Love Life and Liberty CD, on which he performs with violinist Rosie Toll and guest readers

Sue Elwen (2013 diary)
I am a Homeopath and Reiki Master based in Harrogate. The older I get, the less I need to know, the more connections I see and the easier it gets to be joyous.

Lucy Everitt (2012 diary)
An artist from Somerset inspired by nature’s wild side and ancient connections. Working as an illustrator producing books, posters, calendars, cards, portraits and private commissions.

Anne Fallas (2015 diary)
I am at home with the spirit of nature, content amidst the trees and grasses, the flowers, moon and stars. This affinity fuels my writing, it is the source of my novel ‘The Earth Changes’, also the sequel I am currently writing. It is present in my magazine articles and blogs.

Lindsay Farley (2011/2010 diaries) (2016/2017 calendars)
Lindsay is a therapist, mother, druid, poet and teacher. She takes her inspiration from the many faces of the Goddess, the voices of the forest and the process of renewal in the land and in people.

Saffia Farr (2014 diary)
Saffia is a mother of three and editor of Juno, a magazine which focuses on a natural approach to family life. Saffia is inspired by Nature and silence, and aims always to trust and follow her instincts.

Anna Fauzy-Ackroyd (2019 diary)
I live in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. I learnt to paint with oils on canvas in a free flow of love and joy from artist Nicola Gibbs. What emerges is always a beautiful surprise which fills me with gratitude.
Anna has also written for us on the Earth Pathways Showcase Blog.

Natalie Fee (2011 diary)
Trained in yoga, feng shui and energy awareness, natalie is passionate about bringing people the energy they need for positive change. Personal consultations, empowerment tours, writing and workshops. Info and free resources.

Paul Fletcher (2011 diary)
Paul has lived in Glastonbury for nine years where he is Archivist at Chalice Well Trust and Editor of their journal. In 2009 he edited and co-wrote ‘Chalice Well – Story of a Living Sanctuary’. He is also an Esoteric Soul Healer.

Rose Flint (2010 diary)
Rose is a poet-Priestess of Avalon and Ceremonialist at the Goddess Conference, Glastonbury. Her latest collection of poetry is Mother of Pearl (published by PSAvalon) full of wonderful women: healers, hags, mothers, daughters – combined with a deep sense of Gaia in crisis.

Carol Florence (2014 diary)
Carol is a storyteller, storymaker and storywriter, and lives in the Welsh Marches with her children. She creates magical story circles and story workshops to explore care for ourselves, for our communities, and for the Earth

Alexandra Florschutz (2017/2012 diary) (2017 calendar)
Alex paints about being a woman – a journey to find the Source of a woman’s power, the feminine spirit, which thrived in the more female oriented cultures, only to be superseded by the patriarchal way of life. She wonders how women can retain the true nature of their gender while navigating our masculine driven world.
M: 07787 122157
E: alex@florschutz.com
W: www.florschutz.com

Danu Forest (2014/2010 diaries)
Danu has been a Celtic Wisewoman and Shaman for over 20 years. A distinguished magical teacher, she has published three books: ‘Nature Spirits’, ‘Celtic Tree Magic’ and ‘The Druid Shaman’. For info on courses and consultations go to

Jan Fowler (2009 diary)
My work is inspired by the magic of Nature and the Divine Feminine. I work in Norfolk, encouraging women and men to access their own creative inspiration.

Danu Fox (2010/2009 diary)
A singer, voice coach, shamanic practitioner, healer, and workshop facilitator with a flair for bringing people to the essence of things. “I love pure voices, prayer, Raag, Flamenco, all music which comes straight from the heart”.

Emma Foxcroft (2011 diary)
Abstract colour works and textile art inspired by my relationship to landscape, nature and mythology. Using creativity to explore and express the journey of the soul.

Alexi Francis (2017/2015/2014 diary) (2018 calendar)
I long to live close to wild nature. I love to draw, paint, dance and write and like collecting and using natural materials in my paintings.

Maren Freeland (2018 diary)
Maren lives close to the earth at Landmatters Permaculture community and set up UNTAMED social enterprise which seeks to counteract modern society’s widespread ‘disconnection disease’ by offering outdoor experiences that nourish, empower, and help the participants feel more alive!
Maren has also written for the Earth Pathways Showcase Blog.

Nicky Fyleman (2014 diary)
Still Somehow Photography. A great lover of Nature, Nicky can often be found, camera in hand, exploring the wonders of her home valleys, the Cotswolds. She hopes her photographs may inspire people to engage with Nature and protect it.