Jenny Caitlin (2014 diary)
An artist working with flowers, natural greenery, herbs & ancient meanings. She creates sacred space & personalised pieces for occasions of love & loss. Also decorative wreaths made from natural findings. She is Wiccan and lives in Derbyshire.

Camphill Community Clanabogan (2012 diary)
A lifesharing community, living and working with adults with special needs. People work in different workshops – bakery, weaving workshop, wood workshop, biodynamic farm and garden. Clanabogan promotes environmental issues such as renewable energy.

Melanie Cardwell (2010/2009 diaries)
Melanie is a Herbalist, Healer, Druid and Witch, who also teaches in the UK and overseas. She is author of ‘Herbcraft’, a Herbal Home Study Course and runs a clinic and mail order herbal pharmacy from her home in the Essex countryside.

Rachel Castagne (2010 diary)
Mystic Maker, Mother and Healer. Mandalas designed to inspire and illuminate, aiming to facilitate being in a world obsessed with doing, bringing alignment with the flow of well-being, balancing the subtle bodies and harmonising the environment.

Sue Chadd (2015 diary)
Sue is a poet and storyteller who grew up on the Welsh Borders and now lives in Wiltshire. Her work has been described as ‘close to the mythic edge of the land, strong in spirit, invigorating as salt winds’.

Mary Chapman (2015 diary)
Astrologer, teacher, storyteller and poet. I am inspired by a love of nature, philosophy, my dreams and imagination.

Pat Childerhouse (with Charlotte Bowen) (2018 diary)
Pat and Charlotte live in Hove. Charlotte is an amateur photographer who loves to take pictures of her family and scenes from nature. Pat is her grandmother-in-law. She cultivates a tiny garden and an allotment.

Amanda Clark (2018/2013/2012/2011 diaries) (2018/2017/2016 calendars)
Amanda’s style of art is inspired by fairytale, myth, folklore and the Celtic lands of the British Isles. Visit her blog page and her web site to see her paintings.

Ros Clark (2009 diary)
I am an artist and craftswoman using largely recycled materials to make lanterns and sculptures. Inspired by nature and shamanic journeys, I’m fascinated by the power of symbols.

Tony Clifford (2012 diary)
Tony believes we need to get comfortable with darkness in order to feel closer to the Earth.

Toni Cogdell (2012 diary) (2016 calendar)
Toni is a painter, illustrator and writer. Our connection to the Earth provides endless inspiration for her, and through this she seeks to tell her story, your story and the ancient stories Gaia whispers to the trees.

Janey Colbourne (2018/2017 diaries) (2018 calendar)
Janey is a poet-seer, philosopher and herbalist, inspired by her deep relationship with nature. Her intention is to bring connection and inspiration to people and give a voice to the diversity and beauty of all life.

Debbie Collins (2016/2014/2013/2011 diaries)
I work as an acupuncturist, counsellor, supervisor and with the women’s initiation Women in Power (www.womeninpowerprogram.com). I write because it’s necessary.

Debbie-Adele Cooper (2009)
Studied fine art at Derby University, now working as an Arts Practitioner. Exhibiting locally and nationally. Studio-work includes light and sound installations, photography and painting. Currently researching healing spaces.

Rachel Corby (2018/2017/2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011 diaries) (2016 calendar)
I am a writer, gardener, medicine woman. I live in the knowledge that all living things have a consciousness, an intelligence. I share Sacred Plant Medicine in workshops and 1-2-1 sessions.

Helen Cowans (2017 diary)
Inspired by the colours and textures of Mother Earth, I use photography to capture the fleeting moments of light in the changing seasons and textile art to interpret the evocative wild Northumberland landscape.

Cat Cox (2017 diary)
Cat began her astrological journey in 1984 and has travelled through modern, traditional and academic approaches to the art. Influenced by the Western Mystery Tradition and women’s spirituality, she has come to think of her practice as a spiritual one.

Ingrid Crawford (2016/2013/2012 diaries)
I am an Eco journalist – I document alternative lifestyles, I am a good portrait photographer, but also love to photograph rustic Eco houses. I am interested in community, growing food, crafts and our connection to the Earth.

Sue Dare (2011 diary)
I am a North lincolnshire based artist and garden designer. I design beautiful functional and spiritual gardens, which often incorporate sculpture made from reclaimed materials such as wood, metal or earth. I also produce silk paintings inspired by nature.

Jean Dark (2017/2016/2015/2013/2012/2011 diaries)
Jean writes the voices in her head that speak the images of her mind. She is published in Pentacle Magazine, Silver Wheel Journal, Earth Pathways Diary. She blogs and lives in a co-operative community in Cambridge.

Gwen Davies (2013 diary)
My work focuses on the diversity of spirituality and the complexity in nature. I am influenced by my travels, Arabic dance and the folk tales of our land. I love using colour and working by the moon.

Ushka Davies (2017/2015 diary)
Wanderer and amateur photographer. I try to capture the divine spirit and energy that is ever present in all of nature. All my images are taken in situ and are not manipulated, so you see what I see.

Karen Davis (2018/2012 diaries) (2016 calendar)
Karen paints sparkles of starlight and strives to capture the magic, miracles and wisdom of nature. She lives in Wiltshire, England, surrounded by ancient stone circles and white horses on hills.

Rosa Davis (2013 diary)
I have always worked with textiles, inspired by the countryside, by a fascination with faces and the other worlds. A long spiritual practice has led to a homecoming in Druidry, connecting together many disparate threads.

Wendy Davison (2015 diary)
I am at my happiest with my hands in the earth growing vegetables and flowers and marveling at Mother Nature’s abundance. I am passionate about whole foods, natural, organic growing methods, and I also love taking photographs!

Linda Day (2011 diary)
I am Mother, Grandmother, Astrologer and Manageress of a busy health practice. I give professional chart readings and run an astrology group in Hereford. I write the Moonthly Forecast on the New Moon every month for www.astrocal.co.uk

Charlotte Dean (2017 diary)
Charlotte is a wolfy woman wandering between worlds with words and plants and pleasure and paint. She designs forest gardens and holds space, and occasionally fashions a rug out of old jumpers while she’s dreaming.

Althea deCarteret (2014 diary)
My photographic artwork has always tended to the poetic and spiritual in nature and I love creating images that make one stop and wonder. My natural portraits of women are used in my “Menopause Swings and Roundabouts” website.

Graeme Del-Nevo
Technical guru for the Earth Pathways Diary. Web hosting a speciality!

Graeme de Lyons (2011 diary)
Creative artist-healer is a label that sticks better than some. Building The Possibility Bus – a community resource of sustainability (of self and environment) and creative opportunities for all – especially those who consider themselves disadvantaged.

Tati Dennehy (2014/2012/2009 diaries)
Quirky sculptures, mainly in ceramics, soulfully celebrating the human form, the unconscious, our inner worlds of emotions, dreams and instinctual nature, interweaving the sacred and the hilarious. Tati also teaches ceramics from her studio on the edge of Dartmoor.

Holly Dew (2012 diary)
Holly’s work pays tribute to our Earth, honouring the land with every glorious image that is gifted to lens and received with heartfelt gratitude. Working quietly with very sick souls, Holly promotes true and unconditional love, for each other and for Mother Earth.

Paula J Dibb (2017 diary)
I express the sacredness of the Earth and my dance within it, with colour and texture. I live on Lancashire moorland and when stressed, sleep on the floor to be close to earth.
Paula Dibb Sacred Earth Art

DightyConnect (2014 diary)
Words inspired by the Dighty Burn, a stretch of fresh water often ignored but loved by those whose lives it runs through. DightyConnect is a community based project which aims to support local people to become involved in the Burn.

Yannick Dubois (2018 diary)
I work as an artist and illustrator with inspiration received from the forest. Combining practical bushcraft skills with my druidic path allows me to connect to nature on many different levels. Nature connection is at the heart of my work.
Yannick has also written for the Earth Pathways Showcase Blog.

Christine Duffield (2014 diary)
I love the Earth, the moon, nature and animals.

Keith Duke (2011 diary)
Keith is a musician, composer, photographer and sound therapist. In his work, Keither integrates two or more images to produce unusual and often challenging results that reflect the beauty and energies of sacred sites.

Jacqueline Durban (see also Jacqueline Woodward-Smith) (2018/2017/2016/2015/2013/2012 diaries) (2017 calendar)
I am a writer, poet, psychospiritual counsellor, online tarot reader with Toadstool Tea, and a hedgepriestess walking a path of radical honey. I love the land and everything that is soft bellied and smells of the wild earth.